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Our Policies

At Perpetual Growth by Neataylalycana we go out of our way to make sure our valued clients have the best experience possible, from the minute you enter our doors to the moment you leave our incomparable Braiding, Extensions & More Salon. 

Please take a moment to review our policies to ensure you understand our operations procedures. If you have any questions, you can reach us  by calling or texting 785-845-3161 and we’ll be happy to help.

Payment and Nonrefundable Deposit

Clients who miss a previously booked appointment also known as  a no call no show appointment  must make a payment of half the amount of the service fee to book a new appointment of service. Any client wanting a style over $300 must pay a non-refunda of half the full amount of the fee.All deposits must be paid no later than 72 hours before your appointment date. We accept payment Via online payment through our site or via Cash app, Venmo, Chime and Zelle.

​Special Instructions

LATE POLICY: You are expected to arrive on time to your scheduled appointment. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late you will have to schedule a future appointment and pay a new deposit for the new appointment as all Payments and Deposits are nonrefundable. If you do not show for an appointment this is a “no-show” and you will be charged accordingly.


NO-SHOW POLICY:  you DO NOT show-up at your appointment time, you will not be refunded deposits made for service. FEES: All fees assessed for violation of Scheduling Policy will be charged to the credit card you leave on file when scheduling your appointment. No exceptions. No refunds.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are still nonrefundable. You are allowed one reschedule before you are required to pay a new deposit for a future appointment. If you think you may be late for your appointment, please call the salon and let us know. We will not call or text any late clients. Your appointment time will be reopened and/or given away. If you show up more than 15 minutes late for your appointment your services are considered needing to be rescheduled. If this happens you will not be refunded and will have to pay a new deposit for future services.  *NO CALL + NO SHOW= NO NEW APPOINTMENT WITHOUT A NEW DEPOSIT.

We will not argue about appointment times or funds as it is stated here in our policies

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